Cabarete Coastal Haven

Cabarete is a coastal haven on the north coast of Hispaniola, the island that the Dominican Republic shares with Haiti.

Although it first gained attention as one of the world’s premier spots for kite boarding and windsurfing, Cabarete has much more to offer visitors and expats. Year-round warm weather, a lower cost of living, friendly locals, a fun lifestyle and tropical beaches all make Cabarete worth checking out.

Cabarete is a laid back and relaxed town. And even though it is popular with tourists, you get a small-town vibe thanks to the small but tight-knit expat community where everybody knows everybody. And there are plenty of fundraisers, events, and parties every week.

Cabarete is near North America, which has made it popular with U.S. vacationers, as well as Canadian snowbirds. In the winter season, the town is noticeably busier and if you plan to come at that time of year, it’s best to reserve a rental early.

With frequent direct—and relatively short—flights from cities in the U.S. and Canada, it’s easy and cheap to get to the D.R. The closest airports to Cabarete are in Puerto Plata, or Santiago de Los Caballeros where flights tend to be cheaper.